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Why It's Good To Eat Walnuts

Why It's Good To Eat WalnutsOne British title chose to focus on a rather different story. “Walnuts prevent heart disease,” declared the Daily Express in a huge, front-page headline. It might have had retirees rushing to buy them by the sackful.

Is Eating Vegetarian In Our Genes?

Is Eating Vegetarian In Our Genes?Our study is the first to connect an insertion allele with vegetarian diets, and the deletion allele with a marine diet,. A genetic variation has evolved in populations that have eaten a plant-based diet over hundreds of generations, such as in India, Africa, and parts of East Asia.

Why The Backlash Against Fish Oil Has Been Overcooked

fish oil 4 9As a young child I recall my grandmother giving me the largest spoonfuls of cod liver oil, coaxing me with the promise of an equally large spoonful of golden syrup. It was probably a throwback to her own childhood when the post-war government sought to provide infants with a cod liver oil supplement.

Five Foods That Used To Be Bad For You ... But Now Aren't

Five Foods That Used To Be Bad For You ... But Now Aren'tNutritional guidelines and recommendations are constantly changing in the light of new research. It can be difficult to keep up with which foods are healthy and which aren’t. Here we look at five foods that have gone through the cycle of being the villains of nutritional science but are now, based on some old and some new science, apparently okay to eat again.



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