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Why The Backlash Against Fish Oil Has Been Overcooked

fish oil 4 9As a young child I recall my grandmother giving me the largest spoonfuls of cod liver oil, coaxing me with the promise of an equally large spoonful of golden syrup. It was probably a throwback to her own childhood when the post-war government sought to provide infants with a cod liver oil supplement.

How to Use Essential Oils as a Healing Modality

How to Use Essential Oils as a Healing Modality

Knowledge has been handed down through the ages regarding the contributions that essential oils can make in our lives. Some of the stories originated in our grandmothers' tales, some were told by wise sages, while others were revealed by those deeply in touch with the plants. Essential oils are established and revered as a reliable and resourceful healing modality.

Why Is Garlic A Most Versatile Natural Remedy?

Why Is Garlic A Most Versatile Natural Remedy?

Garlic is among the oldest and most versatile of the documented natural remedies. When Hippocrates, the father of diagnostic medicine, was busy noting which treatments worked for the Greek people he treated, he listed garlic. A total of twenty-two ancient Egyptian remedies were found to use garlic, as noted in the Ebers Papyrus dating from the sixteenth century B.C.E.

Ginseng Could Be An Effective Way To Prevent The Flu

Ginseng could be an effective way to prevent the flu

Ginseng, the root of the plant Panax ginseng, is one of the most commonly used herbal medicines and is often sold as an over-the-counter remedy for fatigue. Although it has been used by humans for thousands of years, more recent research has begun to investigate therapeutic and pharmacological uses including anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties.

Making Herbal Medicine at Home

Making Herbal Medicine at Home

There is nothing mysterious or even particularly clever or skillful about making healing formulations from plants. Intimidated by the pharmaceutical elite, we think that to be of any use a medicine must be made by a Ph.D. wearing a white lab coat. Not so! If you can make a cup of tea or cook a simple meal...

About Cannabis: Its Role in Herbal Medicine

About Cannabis: Its Role in Herbal Medicine, Politics, Science, and Culture

The very basic idea of plant-as-medicine dates back to before recorded history. Cannabis has been a medicine since at least 2800 BCE, and until the 1940s, it was listed in America’s pharmacopeia. In the past few decades, we have seen a return to herbal remedies and treatments. Despite the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts at...

Natural Approach To Prostate Health

It appears that common diseases among men over 50 involve the prostate sex organ (and the colon and cardiovascular system). The modern lifestyle of stress; long hours of sitting, driving or TV watching; stuffing food and emotions; eating fast food, flesh and milk products; regular intake of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol; and...



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