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How Our Pets Strengthen Neighborhood Ties

How Our Pets Strengthen Neighborhood TiesTalk to any pet owner and you are bound to invoke stories about the joy and companionship of having a pet. But evidence is mounting that the effect of pets extends beyond their owners and can help strengthen the social fabric of local neighbourhoods.

How Serious Is Inbreeding In Show Dogs?

How Serious Is Inbreeding In Show Dogs?A German shepherd with a sloping back that was awarded best of breed brought the dog show Crufts in for this year’s annual bout of criticism. Viewers took to social media to accuse the owner of animal cruelty by suggesting that its unusual shape meant the dog must suffer health problems brought on by inbreeding – something the owner denied.

Why Dog Breeds Aren't Considered Separate Species

Great Dane, meet Chihuahua. You have lots in common. Ellen Levy Finch, CC BY-SA

Dog owners might disagree, but as far as evolutionary biologists are concerned, all dogs are just dogs. It may seem odd that Canis (lupus) familiaris extends from rabbit-sized Chihuahuas to Great Danes which can be almost the size of a small pony, whereas seemingly much smaller differences place many animals into separate species or sub-species.

When Your Pets Behave Outside Their Nature

When Your Pets Behave Outside Their Nature

When a dog behaves unnaturally in response to any neurotic, chaotic, or disruptive energy taken on from humans, he tends to look confused because he has nowhere to put the energy that is reverberating within him. He doesn’t really know why he is acting out, nor does his behavior make the least bit of sense to him.

Your Dog Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Your Dog Does Talk & Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

So often I hear people mutter, “If only my dog could talk. Then I would know what it really wants. I would know what to do!” All the while I am thinking — they are communicating with you. They are communicating with you more than you communicate with yourself. That is the problem.

Horses and the Mystical Path

Horses and the Mystical Path

by Adele von Rüst McCormick, Ph.D., Marlena Deborah McCormick, Ph.D. and Thomas E. McCormick, M.D. When our journey with horses and healing began, more than twenty-five years ago, we never imagined that horses would lead us down a mystical path. Nor did we foresee how valuable and enriching this experience would be, not just for us but for the hundreds of people who have participated in our Equine Experience...

Animals Are Natural Healers

Animals seem to be God's natural healers. In the Healing Power of Pets, Dr. Marty Becker explores many health benefits of having animal companionship. He cites studies showing that people who have animal companions also tend to have lower blood pressure, less stress...

Dog Skills: Is Man's Best Friend Psychic?

Dog Skills: Is Man's Best Friend Psychic?

by Richard Webster. Most people want to show their dog's skills off to others. Your dog is extremely aware of the thought processes of everyone around him or her. If you try to show your dog's talents to someone who is skeptical, your dog will probably refuse to perform or will perform badly. However...

Animal Wisdom Connection: Renewing the Ancient Ways

Animal Wisdom

by Gareth Patterson. In the modern age, blinders have been placed over our eyes so that we cannot see the big picture. We have lost touch with the fact that the pyramid of life, the soil, the trees, the air we breathe, water, the animals, rain and sunlight and ourselves are all part of one community.



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