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Learning to Recognize Chaos As A Friend and Powerful Ally

Learning to Recognize Chaos As A Friend and Powerful Ally

The Oxford dictionary defines chaos as complete disorder or confusion. In general when we speak of chaos we associate it with a negative state and negative energy. When someone says, “My life is chaotic” or “Chaos is everywhere” we understand that person to mean, “My life is a mess and I am a mess”.

The Breakthrough of a New Era

Towards the Breakthrough of a New Era

These coming years will be unique within humanity’s living memory in that our history will witness the transition from the final era of a now fading world paradigm to a new, upgraded one. Many people have long suspected the coming of such an interval — a phase shift...

How To Release Fear & Anxiety

How To Release Fear & Anxiety, article by Jonathan Parker

Today many fears seem woven into the very fabric of our society, such as fear of terrorism, fear of epidemics, fear of a bad economy, fear of commitment, and fear of losing a job, as well as fear of being separated from people we love, fear of loved ones dying, and the all-encompassing fear of the future. Many of our present fears are rooted in delusions, which...

You've Got to Believe Me

You've Got to Believe Me

Are you worrying about how something important to you will turn out? I know the answer. You’ve got to believe me. I see so many people stuck, confused, or fearful about what will come next. Eventually they somehow handle their issues, and the universe gives them a hand with the details...



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