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A New Beginning: Doing Things Differently

A New Beginning: Doing Things Differently

What many people don’t realize is that in the journey of life we can head in only two directions: toward well-being and away from it. Your emotions indicate where you are going. If you are feeling bad, it means you’re thinking thoughts that are taking you away from well-being and moving you toward distress.

Our Choices Predict Our Future

Our Choices Predict Our Future

We're often told to live in the present, yet then we're told to set goals and plan for the future. Which is it? Daniel Chesbro helps us clarify the confusion: "...imagine you’re driving a car. As you look through the windshield you’re looking into the future. As you’re sitting in the driver’s seat you’re in the present. If you look..."

Blissful Innocence

Blissful Innocence by Alan Cohen

by Alan Cohen. We have heard that "ignorance is bliss," and we usually judge and criticize ignorant people. Yet there is a form of ignorance that serves us well, and that is ignorance of limiting beliefs. A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon declared, "It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept."



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