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Bankers Lie At The Toss of a Coin But Only When At Work?

Bankers Will Lie At The Toss Of A Coin – But Only When At Work

There is something in the culture of banking that lends itself toward making otherwise fairly good people do bad things. That’s the finding of a new study published in the journal, Nature. And it may simply confirm the suspicions of many following endless news of bankers being outed for bad behaviour.

Is Your Life Filled with Drama?

Is Your Life Filled with Drama?

Dramas are the unconscious, personal, and emotional conflicts that we create with others, or with life situations. Many human beings spend much time or even their entire lives engaging in drama, for in their disempowered alienation from...

Valuing Your Natural Abilities

Valuing Your Natural Abilities by Gail McMeekin

Women have long had the self-destructive habit of discounting themselves and their natural abilities. This is a common gremlin, assuming that what comes easily to us is not valuable or unique. It's all part of our training to push others into the limelight and be a support person rather than...

The Clutter of Becoming a "Better Me"

The Clutter of Becoming a “Better Me”

I’ve noticed that a number of recent self-improvement books use the phrase becoming a better you. The problem with trying to be a “better you” is the implication that you are not okay now. It also presumes that there’s an objective standard of okayness. Often we want to be “better” so that...

A Reputation to Live Up To

A Reputation to Live Up To, written by Alan Cohen

A number of years ago I went on an intense lecture tour that left me feeling exhausted. The last event of the trip was a full-day workshop, and as I pulled myself out of bed that morning to get ready for the seminar, I wondered how I would gather the energy to present a decent program. When I arrived at the venue, I...

Looking For Love & Approval

Looking For Love & Approval

by Alan Cohen. What would you be doing differently if you did not have to prove yourself to anyone?  Your enemies are not your dysfunctional parents, childhood sexual abuser, or punitive parochial school teacher; your enemies are the thoughts they instilled in you that you still believe...



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