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What's A Frolleague And Are They Replacing Our Friends?

What's A Frolleague And Are They Replacing Our Friends?We’ve been warned about the dangers of “frolleagues”, the friends we have at work that often fill the void left by having too little time for an external social life. As far back as 2008, Linkedin claimed that: “47% of the UK’s web users are mixing their social and professional lives by accepting networking invitations from ‘frolleagues’

How Good a Friend Are You?

 How Good a Friend Are You?

We have ideals about being a good friend and, when we don’t measure up to those ideals, we judge ourselves negatively. How good a friend are you? Many would contemplate this question for a minute and then reply, “Not a very good one.” For many years I also...

Friends -- Choose Them Wisely

Friends: Choose Them Wisely

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. So goes the saying. Ask yourself if that is true for you. Did you choose your friends, or did you allow them to choose you? It may be that in...

Eternal Life through Facebook

eternal love

by Alan Cohen. I was surprised to receive a Facebook friend invitation from Eric Butterworth, a respected author and minister who introduced me to the new thought movement many years ago. The astounding element of Dr. Butterworth’s invitation is that he is dead. He passed away eight years ago. How he found his way onto Facebook is...

Conflicts in Friendship

Conflicts in Friendship, article by Dr. Brenda Davies

Friends encourage and support each other in difficult times and generally make a positive impact on each other's lives. However, they're also willing to confront and constructively . So let's take a look at how you can deal with conflict and with saying those things that your friend might not want to hear.