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How A Baby's Brain Prepares For The Outside World

How A Baby's Brain Prepares For The Outside WorldThe developing brain is not merely a downsized version of that of an adult, but is uniquely designed to prepare itself for the external world. It has structures and functions whose sole role is to set up the basic circuits required for life after birth

How To Help Kids Innovate From An Early Age

How To Help Kids Innovate From An Early AgeAs community makerspaces begin to take root in Ontario’s elementary schools, students are behaving better. They are also getting higher grades. What are makerspaces? They’re creative spaces where students can gather to explore, tinker, discover and create, and they’re making students more enthusiastic about school.

How Clean Eating Can Damage Children's Health

How Clean Eating Can Damage Children's Health"Clean eating” is the perfect buzz term for parents who are faced with supermarket shelves full of baby and toddler food which is high in sugar content and low in nutritional value.But while some clean eating plans are focused on a balanced diet, others are extreme.

How Do Children Learn Empathy?

How Do Children Learn Empathy?Empathy, the ability to understand others and feel compassion for them, is arguably the most defining human quality – setting us apart from smart machines and even other animals. Without it, we couldn’t function in social areas such as the schools, court rooms and office workplaces that are the cornerstones of our society.

How Do Children Decide What's Fair?

children fairness 3 20Should a teacher reward a whole class for the good deeds of one student? What about the other side of the discipline picture: should a whole class be punished for the misdeeds of just a few students?

At What Age Do Children Learn To Write?

Young children are writing even before they are reading. Steven Yeh, CC BY-NC-NDWe typically think of writing as something that is out of reach for preschool children. After all, young children can’t write recognizable letters, and they can’t spell words.