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Why Judas Was Actually More Of A Saint, Than A Sinner

Detail Da Vinci’s The Last Supper by Giacomo Raffaelli. Judas seated second right. Alberto Fernandez Fernandez [GFDL (, CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY

Easter’s almost here, the time when Christian communities reflect on the death of Jesus and celebrate his resurrection. It’s also a time when the biblical character Judas Iscariot is remembered for his betrayal of Jesus. In many Orthodox and Catholic countries an effigy of Judas is burned as part of the Easter rituals, a custom continued in areas of Liverpool in the UK until as late as the mid-20th century.

Ego vs True Self: The Fears of the Ego and the Power of Spirit

There comes a stage in spiritual development when you will experience the conflict between the fears of the ego and the power of spirit. An ego-based identity seeks only that which strengthens it. All else is seen as a threat. Therefore, in the beginning, as you take the next step in evolution, you will feel a conflict, a division within yourself as a new way of being struggles to emerge.

Compassion for a Suffering Person

Compassion for a Suffering Person

The meditation for the cultivation of compassion: begin by bringing to mind a person you know who is suffering adversity, whether physically or mentally. Bring this person to mind as vividly as possible, and picture the whole situation. Let a yearning arise for this person to be free of suffering and the...

Embracing the Spiritual Life and Taking Full Responsibility

Embracing the Spiritual Life and Taking Full Responsibility

Nowadays, many of us consider ourselves to be on a spiritual path. Whatever it is we do to enrich this area of our lives, we always want to make sure that it is producing a desired outcome. For example, has your spirituality led you to be more honest with yourself? Are you digging deep within and uncovering the untoward, the hidden, the “dark” side?

Receptivity and Honoring the Feminine: The Power of Stillness

Receptivity and Honoring the Feminine: The Power of the Void

Most of us have heard about male and female energy, and how we all have a bit of both within us. In truth, these ener­gies are one, inseparable and incapable of existence as singular entities. However, in order to better understand the nature of the self, the functions of our creative life force are characterized along masculine and feminine lines.



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