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Compassion for a Suffering Person

Compassion for a Suffering Person

The meditation for the cultivation of compassion: begin by bringing to mind a person you know who is suffering adversity, whether physically or mentally. Bring this person to mind as vividly as possible, and picture the whole situation. Let a yearning arise for this person to be free of suffering and the...

The Path of Sacred Sensuality: The Sensuous Goddess Meditation

Walking The Glorious Path of Sacred Sensuality with the Sensuous Goddess Meditation

The following visualization/meditation has been created to assist you in walking this glorious path of sacred sensuality. In order to embark on this ancient path, which was fundamental to the training of the priestess, yogini, and soror mystica, it is necessary to become personally acquainted with the rich and revitalizing flow of your Kundalini energy and the playful...

There Is No "Should" in Meditation

There Is No "Should" in Meditation

Many people have misconceptions about meditation and these can sabotage your ability to enjoy the benefits of it. The biggest misconception is that you “should” be able to clear your mind. You are not expected to clear your mind. What you will do is find you’re getting better at ignoring the thoughts...



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