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Why Is Climate Change Such A Hard Sell In The US?

Why Is Climate Change Such A Hard Sell In The US?

President Donald Trump on June 1 took the dramatic step of removing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement – the product of many years of diligent and difficult negotiation among 175 nations around the world. Recent polls reveal that six in 10 Americans oppose Trump’s move.

Graywater Recycling Is An Excellent Strategy For Drought

Garden irrigated with graywater and rainwater, Los Angeles. Jeremy Levine/Flickr, CC BYMany regions of the United States are struggling with water shortages. Large areas of the West are contending with moderate to severe drought, while California is now in the fifth year of one of the most extreme droughts in its history. Even non-arid regions, such as the Southeast, are not exempt from water shortages.



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