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Why In The Future It Should Be Consumers That Go On Strike

Why In The Future It Should Be Consumers That Go On StrikeI belong to a generation that has been told there is no other choice other than to be flexible in the labour market. For many of us, the idea of a long-term employment contract in a company where there is the possibility to progress belongs to another time.

Here Is Where Bernie's Justice Ideas Already Work

college in denmark 4 9In an election year, we hear endless promises of what our politicians will do to help the people. But are the ideas we’re hearing from Bernie Sanders and others—like Medicare for all, free college tuition, paid family leave—just slogans to pander to voters suffering under stagnating wages and burdensome debt? Could those ideas ever actually take hold?

How Should The U.S. Government Help Coal Economically Declining Communities?

Drag line and coal haul truck at North Antelope Rochelle Mine, Wyoming. Peabody Energy/Wikimedia, CC BYAs the United States adopts policies to lower greenhouse gas emissions, some communities will benefit from the shift to lower-carbon energy sources. But others will lose. Communities that have historically relied on coal production – especially in Appalachia – have been suffering major economic and employment losses for decades.